Output 4 Preparation of Dissemination Materials for Vietnam

Industrial development is an economic driver both at local and national levels. However, the development of industries in many areas has caused serious impacts on communities and the environment. Thailand, especially Map Ta Phut Industrial Complex and surrounding areas in Rayong province, has been facing environmental problems and other issues as well. At present, the situation has improved due to the cooperation of many sectors. Such experiences and lessons from Map Ta Phut were being gathered and synthesized to prepare the dissemination material for disseminating to relevant agencies in Ba Ria Vung Tau Industrial Area in Viet Nam.

Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate with Ba Ria Vung Tau Industrial Area in Vietnam

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has placed an importance on disseminating lessons of industrial development and environmental management in Thailand, especially Map Ta Phut Industrial Complex and surrounding areas in Rayong province, to relevant agencies in Ba Ria Vung Tau Industrial Area in Viet Nam. In this regard, Thailand Environment Institute (TEI) was is assigned to carry out a study, in close collaboration with experts from Vietnam and Thailand including relevant stakeholders.

The dissemination material on “Lesson Learned and Recommendations on Industrial Environmental Management from Map Ta Phut, Thailand to Vietnam’s Industrial Area” was prepared in the view of usefulness for target groups in Vietnam. Dissemination material preparation process included documentation review, consultation with the stakeholders in Thailand to collect relevant information, key experiences, obstacles, success factors and opportunities, as well as comment and recommendation of effective industrial environment management from the previous-current implementations. The in-depth interviews and consultation with the stakeholders in Vietnam focused on situation, opportunities, obstacles, needs and gaps for effective industrial environment management. These information and suggestions were used to draft and finalize the dissemination materials for the target readers.

According to the study, review, and interviews conducted with the relevant sectors, the findings revealed that the key tools and measures used in Map Ta Phut which should be adapted for Long Son industrial area in Vietnam can be divided into 3 groups as follows:

  1. Regulatory approach: Development of VOCs standard and routine monitoring
  2. Voluntary approach: Green Industry program, Eco Industrial Town program and Establishing a Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers (PRTR)
  3. Participatory approach: Establishing a tripartite committee and Promoting the community network and effective risk communication
Long son industrial area in Vietnam divided into 3 groups as follows

Moreover, there are 3 key principles for efficient environmental management and industrial development:
1. Building trust amongst stakeholders: Some of the problems arisen in the past have been caused by a lack of trust with each other, especially from the public and industry as well as government agencies.
2. Applying appropriate tools: Utillizing a combination of tools for promotion and supervision, solving problproblem solving and area management , including law enforcement and legal compliance
3. Establishing concrete cooperation: Cooperation in the form of a committee or working group including good coordination between various sectors helps to reduce overlapping and supports the operations.


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